• November 4, 2020

Banning of Cartap Hypochloride and Chlorpyriphos?

Posted By: Harvest Chemicals

The Department of Health has conducted a human risk assessment on the above 2 actives and based on results they plan to revoke all local maximum residue levels of these 2 active ingredients.

  • This basically means local registrations of plant protection solutions containing either of these actives will be banned.

To mitigate the above CropLife, our industry governing body is doing the following:

  • Requesting a copy of the 2 risk assessments to understand upon which risk criteria these decisions are based on,
  • when registrations could possibly be revoked and the timeline to empty the pipeline, and
  • engaging with the Department of Trade and Industry to understand the impact of such registration cancellation on export crops and whether trading partners have/will be consulted in this regard.

CropLife members have been asked to assess the impact on their or their customers operations in the case of a ban.

  • Are there alternatives to fill this void.

From experience over the years, unless a really strong case can be made to the contrary, both these products will be banned in time but practically a time line will possibly be agreed on and any further sales will be banned in 2 – 3 years.

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