• March 16, 2021

FF240 and Cura-Fly Product Salt Content

Posted By: Harvest Chemicals

It has come to our attention that the manufacturers of GF120 are feeling the pinch from a worthy generic competitor and as such are making allegations of increased salt content that could be detrimental to Fruit Fly palatability.

  • A little like playing the man and not the ball.

One wonders if the integrity and effectiveness of Harvest’s FF240 and Cura-Fly was not of the highest order, would the international manufacturers of GF120 be bothered to attack a product that is obviously making huge in-roads into their once exclusive market.

The increased salt content is quite simply explained.  The manufacturing process of the leading Protein Hydrolysate Fruit Fly attractant requires the addition of salt in the manufacturing process – this salt then finds its way into both FF240 and Cura-Fly.  It can conversely also be argued that a low salt content is indicative of the absence of the leading Hydrolysate Fruit Fly attractant and this could lead to diminished Fruit Fly palatability.

Please find attached an explanation from our technical experts regarding the salt content phenomena

“Almost every Citrus grower in South Africa is well acquainted with the product which is commonly used in a Fruit-Fly bait mixture with Mercaptothion.  At a CRI International Symposium some 6 years ago, a presentation was made to show that this particular Protein Hydrolysate was found to be one of the most effective feeding mediums for Fruit Flies – hence our choice to select it for our bait formulation.

It is a fact that a small quantity of salt is used to burst the yeast cells before the protein is hydrolysed. (acid, high temperature and pressure).

The product still remains the most commonly used and most effective feeding agent in Fruit-Fly bait tank mixes.


We have also embarked upon a process of enzyme hydrolysis with a variation of protein sources but will only convert to a different Protein Hydrolysate if it proves to be superior to our existing source – Field trials being conducted during this current season with very promising results to date.

In the meantime, growers can stay with the proven Harvest FF240 for Ground Rig application and Cura-Fly for aerial application.”

Over and above an extremely palatable bait our Spinosad loading is at the top end of legal loading as prescribed by Act 36/1947 and this is confirmed by SANAS accredited Analytical Laboratory.

With the above in mind Harvest Chemicals guarantees the effectiveness of FF240 and Cura-Fly products in a Fruit Fly control program.

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