• October 10, 2019

China’s Jiangsu province plans to close 9 Chemical parks and 1431 chemical

Posted By: harvestchemicals

Recently, the Chemical Industry Safety and Environmental Protection Working Group of Jiangsu Province of China issued a notice on the goal of improving the safety and environmental protection of the chemical industry in the province in 2019. It is mentioned that there are a total of 4022 chemical production enterprises listed in the rectifying. And it is planned to close 1431 enterprises, 267 enterprises to stop production for rectifying, 1302 enterprises to rectify in limited time, 77 enterprises to move, and 945 enterprises to upgrade. In 2019, the government plans to close 9 chemical zones in Jiangsu province. As we told you in our previous reports, these huge changes happen in the whole chemical industry in China. Small factories and chemical zones who don’t qualify, will close. Many factories are moving from Jiangsu province to new chemical zones, such as Inner Mogolia, Ningxia province, etc. In a word, the Chinese chemical industry is in the process of closing small factories and merging and reorganizing among the big factories. Its purpose is to reduce the number of chemical factories and to upgrade the chemical industrials. For example, there are now only 4 factories to produce Glyphosate, while previously, there were more than 100 factories to produce Glyphosate over the past 10 years.

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